Safety Information

4th December
written by admin
1.    Supervise people under 18 years old.
2.    Choose a wide, clear place (about 30m x 30m)
for Roman candle.
3.    Do not fire in windy condition.
4.    Read all instructions.
5.    Use good firing base such as pails, boxes
filled with sand.
6.    Bury fireworks half way according to instructions.
7.    Always light the fuse at its tip.
8.    Keep water ready.
9.    Never try to relight fireworks.
10. Keep far away from children.
11. Customers can’t hold the fireworks until he pays.
12. Instructions on how to use the fuse should be indicated in the product being sold to the public no matter how minimal the purchase
13. Bombshell must not be sold to the public, only to trained persons.